In 2007 I enrolled in the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy looking for a flexible and enjoyable career. I graduated the Full-Time Massage Therapy Program in December of that year and have been practicing ever since.

My passion for health and wellness has stretched far beyond massage. For a small time I was a competitive bodybuilder where I gained more knowledge about the body and how it works. I am a recent graduate of the West Hartford Yoga Teacher Training Program. I practice yoga as much as my schedule allows, and meditate whenever I need to step back from the fast paced side of life. I regularly train in different massage modalities to keep up with the increasing professionalism of my career field.

Wellness is not a one-stop shop to feeling better; it is a lifelong journey to find the best form of yourself. I see massage as a small part of the large whole. Massage Therapy, combined with regular exercise, a balanced food intake, and mindful relaxation can help produce an overall sense of well-being.

It is my hope that my efforts inside my office can help each and every client reach their own place of wellness and happiness.